History and goals

I have been generalist artist in the biggest VFX companies in France, I founded and I ran a VFX studio during 7 years. I have learned a lot regarding how managing, a team, a show, a client, from prep to delivery and building and running a company. I created the first VFX entity in Europa corp. I managed bigger international movies during 6 years in Umedia as VFX director with heavy VFX, I built a team, the full workflow and pipeline. I worked in Cinesite in 2019 and 2020 in Montreal. For now, 25 years experienced VFX industry member. My main goal is now to reach an excellence level as VFX supervisor. I' m ready to mobilize all my energy, my time, my motivation, and my “fun” for that.


  • SUPINFOCOM. fourth year of university. CGI Secondary School, Valenciennes.
    Animation short movie creation and direction to approved the final degree
  • 2-year intensive program prepping for the national artistic schools (Ecole Brousse - Montpellier)
  • Advertising & communication Associate Degree. (Two-year technical degree in communication advertising and marketing)
  • French high-school diploma. (Business specialized)


  • Fluent English
  • On Set supervision advanced Knowledge
  • Advanced knowledge for quotation and work estimation
  • Perfect adaptability to new and in-house software
  • Perfect ability to integrate a team and good human contact.
  • Advanced knowledge in Nuke – Blender – adobe suite
  • Advanced Knowledge of VFX workflow and process
  • 3D – stereoscopy: advanced (no experience in 3D conversion)
  • Shotgun software: advanced
  • R&D language: Python, php, mysql basics
  • Grading: basic
  • Editing: basic


  • 2022
    VFX supervisor
    - The Newlook (Dior’s Biopic) | US Apple TV show
    - Les derniers Hommes Feature Film dir : David Oelhoffen - Prod : Galatée

  • 2021
    LTT (french virtual production company) VFX supervisor French TV series.
    On set VFX supervisor - Serpent Queen - US LionsGate TV show

  • 2019 - 2020
    Cinesite Montreal VFX supervisor on Halo TV show

  • 2013 – 2019
    Umedia VFX (Belgium) VFX supervisor /VFX director
    VFX supervision from prep to delivery including Onset supervision
    . Workflow and pipeline supervision including roadmap Management for R&D and TD (4 people). Support for other supervisor. I organized and created the DI department. I arrived in 2013 we were 5 and I left in 2019 with 100 artists 4 persons in R&D team, 3 people in DI team. I was one of the main person who setup that VFX department

  • 2013
    EUROPA CORP.VFX supervisor
    «3days to kill» director Mc G VFX supervision on set.
    « les invincibles » director Frederic Berthe VFX supervision from prep, on set supervision, until delivery

  • 2012
    EUROPA CORP.VFX supervisor
    « A l’Aveugle » Director: Xavier Palud , VFX supervision from prep, on set sup, until delivery
    PARTIZAN Midi Minuit. VFX supervisor
    Commercial on set supervision, team creation, Project management until delivery
    GEORGES MELIES high School teacher
    Nuke and VFX supervision teacher
    EUROPA CORP. Vfx supervisor Europa corp.
    « Intersection » Director: David Marconi. On set supervision, team creation, Project management until delivery.

  • 2011
    EUROPA CORP. Studio creation - VFX supervisor
    VFX studio Creation.
    Feature film VFX Prep “Taken 2” Director: Olivier Megaton
    Feature film Vfx supervisor « A l’Aveugle » de xavier Palud (prep, quote and onset supervision)
    ART FX VFX french high school
    On set supervision and stereoscopy teacher
    Feature film quote and estimation for stereoscopy projects
    Feature film senior compositing artist « la vérité si je mens »

  • 2010
    WAM Publicis CGI &VFX Supervisor
    CG team creation – CG pipeline creation – onset supervision
    BUF compagnie / Gang films VFX producer for stereoscopy commercial “Carte noire”.
    That project have been achieved in BUF compagnie and I supervised the postproduction from the prep to delivery including production bidding.
    EUROPA CORP. overall VFX supervisor for Europa copr. production.
    “Le souffle” 3min Corporate short film movie for “renault” full CGI stereoscopy bidding project, technical estimation, vendor choice with production and director, overall supervision in the chosen studio (digital district)
    On set supervision for feature film « les aventures de philibert » and VFX supervision of 8 commercials.

  • 2003
    I founded “Escape Studio” VFX studio
    Escape Studio was a team of 30 persons I had a shareholder managing accounting and IT.
    I was managing client relations and VFX supervision. We were working 80% for commercial and 20% for feature film.
    We decided to stop our activities in 2010 because the direction we were taking was not aligned with our first idea and reason who pushed us to create that studio.

  • 2000
    MACGUFF ligne Generalist artist/CG supervisor

  • 1997
    BUF compagnie Generalist artist


  • Passionate about graphic arts and painting
  • Scuba diving passionate (3* CMAS)
  • Passionate about photo and especially under water photo
  • Guitar player.