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Christophe Ferrier

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  About me :
I was a 2D/3D Digital artist, essentially in BUF compagnie and MacGuff, than I've founded a Digital postproduction studio : ESCAPE STUDIO.
During 8 years I managed it and finally, we decided to stop,(with my shareholder), after the 2009 financial crisis.
Since 2010, I'm independent VFX supervisor, I can manage, your production quotation, prep.
I can select a team, and manage it during the production.
Perfect ability to integrate a team, and to work to directors’ brief, proposing technical and artistic solutions.

  Education :
Trading French high-school diploma.
- Baccalaureat G3 commerce.
Advertising & communication Associate Degree.
- BTS communication et action publicitaire.
Artistic prep school in Montpellier.
- Ecole Brousse - preparation artistique
SUPINFOCOM CGI Secondary School, Valenciennes fourth year of university.
- Ecole consulaire de valenciennes (BAC +4) realisation d'un film de fin d'étude.

  Softs Knowledge :
XSI softimage : Modeling/ Texturing/ Rendering
MAYA : Modeling/Texturing/Rendering
3D tracking : Boujou3D, PFtrack
3Dmax : basic knowledge
Compositing : NUKE, Shake, Aftereffects basic knowledge, Flame basic knowledge
Editing : AVID basic knowledge
Color Grading : Scratch basic knowledge
R&D : Php - Mysql
OS : Windows - Apple - Linux - IRIX
Production : Shotgun good knowledge

Perfect adaptability to new and in-house software.

  Main VFX studio :
BUF compagnie : 2D/3D Digital artist
Mac Guff ligne : CGI supervisor, project manager
Escape Studio : VFX Supervisor and production manager
I was Escape studio co-owner, I founded the studio.
WAM publicis : VFX Supervisor
Mathematic : VFX Supervisor
Digital-District : VFX Supervisor
DURAN DUBOI : Senior digital artist
Europacorp : VFX Supervisor
Umedia Visuals effects : VFX Director

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